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We not only provide some of the World’ strongest and most secure hosting packages, but also some of the best WordPress based site designs and even Full Brand Creation



Here in 2019 there are now over 400 different domain extensions! Available .coms are long gone but no worries, now you can get an even more custom domain for your brand/company/services/talents and one that fits exactly what you do
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WordPress is the World’s most popular web design platform and it’s our favorite for many reasons. One is the design flexibility is like none other! In an ever-growing sea of themes and templates, be assured you can have a world view like none other – just contact
The WordPress Ninja


We’ve been putting Mobile First for years but finally everyone understands how important and really #priceless this is not only to have a responsive site but one that is truly engaging and dynamic. It’s a scrolling world and that’s only going to
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It’s a CrAzY Web World out there, so be sure to get

Our Deluxe Managed WordPress Hosting includes automatic daily backups, security scans, uptime monitoring AND we handle the routine updates of your WordPress plugins!

Connecting The World View To All with #MobileFirst Style and Security

No more complex codes or boring designs. Creating an attractive and functional site has never been easier. It’s fun, fast and super-easy!

Secured Hosting

The Best WordPress Packages

Graphic Design

Full Brand Creation

We Have You Covered 100


WordPress has become the World’s most popular platform for web site builds. With that, hackers of course were drawn to WP and have become quite a headache, pain in the a$$, and serious threat to anyone’s ‘world view’ if they don’t take the proper steps to keep their sites secure. THAT is where The Hosting Ninja comes in to save the day and year!

SSLs are the backbone of our secure Internet and it protects your sensitive information as it travels across the world’s computer networks. SSL is essential for protecting your website, even if it doesn’t handle sensitive information like credit cards. It provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for both your websites and your users’ personal information. And as of  2016, Google is now ranking sites with SSL’s higher in page visibility and Search Engine Optimization = #winWIN Get Yours with Us Now at!

One of the main reasons why THE WORDPRESS NINJA built our amazing hosting platform and company was inspired by the repeated hacking and malware issues we were getting with our clients and their shared hosting.  We went on a mission to design an uber-safe and secure platform that also allows for us to handle the automatic updates of the plugins, themes, and WP foundation for our customers. Hands free and stress free 24/7!

The reason why THE WORDPRESS NINJA built this amazing new hosting platform was inspired by the repeated hacking and malware issues we were getting with our GoDaddy based shared hosting.  We went on a mission to design an uber safe and secure platform that also allows for automatic updates of the plugins, themes, and WP foundation. Hands free and stress free 24/7!

Sure, you can switch your plans from Basic/Deluxe/Ultimate Hosting and between monthly, quarterly and yearly whenever you feel like it! Whatever works best for you and your brand or business. If there are any questions or inquiries at all just feel free to reach out to us direct via our CONTACT PAGE

The Hosting Ninja takes care of it ALL FOR YOU once we join forces and you purchase our Deluxe Ninja Level Hosting plan. We can take everything from migrating your site if you have a site already and it’s hosted elsewhere, to site modernization, updates, security and implementing our best to give you peace of mind 100!

Of all the major hosting companies in the World, none of them offer one of the most important services and features regarding keeping your WP site secure… regularly updating your WordPress based site theme and plugins. The #1 way malware issues infiltrate a website these days is through older plugins and either WP themes and/or the WorcPress foundation not being updated to their latest secure versions. THAT is where The Hosting Ninja has got your back 100!

Paypal has become such a globally popular payment go to that we of course embraced their platform in every way (these days any debit or credit card can be processed through their uber secure options #winWIN).  We also integrated our Stripe account so if preferred any of our customers can make their first and continual payments through there as well. The Hosting Ninja has you covered in every way!

If you have any questions regarding Ninja Level Hosting, Web Design or Full Brand Creation JUST LET US KNOW ⚡️

Real people, real testimonials. We ❤️our peeps!

The WordPress Ninja was quick, professional and with little direction nailed the overall look and feel of my site and brand. Not to mention his prices are bananas. I have already recommended him and will continue to until the end of time”

-Talie Miller

CEO / Designer – Its TME

The WordPress Ninja was awesome to work with! He took the exact ideas and vision described to him and turned them into the sleek design that had been envisioned.  He works really fast under tight deadlines, is honest, responds quickly to changes, and is a consummate professional. I would highly recommend him!”

– Galina V.


The WordPress Ninja created a beautiful website for my interior design business.  The home page in particular is  absolutely stunning, and I’ve received countless compliments on the style and feel of it.  Thank you so much, Sterling, for your hard work and vision.  I’m delighted with the results!”

– Dianna W.

Interior Designer /

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